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ASC Turns Three. Find out all the ways we've been keeping busy!

Once upon a time, 6 friends recognized the need for a platform to connect people who look like them, a platform that reflected good vibes and the power of community. And just like that, we are celebrating 3 years of amplifying Black voices.

How fitting our anniversary will forever follow the conclusion of Black History Month. An ongoing reminder (like we really needed it) to celebrate us and our supportive community well beyond a month!

As we rewind the months to this time last year, things looked just a tad different. Sure, Rona was just becoming a household name, but enough about her, we’re talking about us! So incase you’ve missed it, we’ve also had a busy year. In fact, we’ve been so busy celebrating that we’re coming to you mid-Month (and we’re sticking to that story). Here are some highlights of the new and the improved over our last year with you:

About Afro Social Centric

Have you checked out our new ‘About’ page? Whether you’re getting to know us or getting re-acquainted, check out our inception story, our why, our vision and our mission. It's really nothing without you. It's a platform from you, for you, for us all!

Land Acknowledgement

We know many outside of our community were ‘listening and learning’ in the past year. And we were too. We reflected on where we were on the privilege spectrum and in what ways we were contributing to and perpetuating oppression. The Land Acknowledgement page is new for us. And we recognize that this is simply one step. It is a reminder for us (and we hope for you) that many more steps are ahead towards Reconciliation, and we want to be participants in that change.


Remember that part about amplifying Black voices? Well we’ve been sharing our thoughts, consulting experts within our community and giving YOU space to share your truth through our blog. Have something you want to say? Well who are we to stop greatness? Share your thoughts, creativity and wisdom with the ASC community - connect (afrosocialcentric@gmail.com) with us today!


Have you subscribed to our Monthly Newsletter? It’s always hot off the press and coming to an email near you. It includes the latest blog posts, highlights the Blackest businesses and shares happening events in the city. Subscribe today to stay in the know!

Business Directory

Who needed a dermatologist? Or was it a lawyer? Ohhh a mechanic - well, we gotchu! Our directory went through a major makeover in 2020 and oh my doesn't she look pretty. Our directory now includes over 250 businesses in 103 different categories. So when we say ‘we gotchu’, then you best believe we got you!


Yes, these are still a thing- but make them virtual! Thank you for your continued submissions to our events page. We love sharing your creative ways of hosting events for networking, developing, and socializing. Keep those submissions coming and we’d be glad to keep promoting them for FREE!

Social Media

Can we talk about growth or can we talk about growth! We are so excited to see ya’ll joining, engage-with, sharing and keeping-up with us on the socials. This is really where the last year went down and boy did we make it count. Whole movements were made and lives were changed forever through your awareness building engagement!

And our favorite highlight of the past year has been YOU!

Thank you for continuing to rock with us three years later and for making ASC what it is today. It truly shows that no amount of physical distancing can keep our community distanced! (we’re not crying, you are)

Now it’s time to go back to popping those celebratory bottles cuz fam, it’s our Champagne Birthday every year! #CheersToYou #CheersToUs

-Your ASC Connect


-Your ASC Connect