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Everything you need. An Essentials list for Black-to-School swag!

"Back to life, back to reality, back to the here and now."

Oh yes, press play on that throwback Soul II Soul hit and get ready for the scholastic installment of 2020!

I mean, where has the time gone! Between hopes of some remnants of summers past to eventually mourning what could have been and adjusting to our distanced reality of picnics and patios, time sure has passed quick quick. It was just the other day that you were finally settling into summer and bam! It’s onto the next one.

That's right, it's back to school szn! Just like that September is upon us once again. The mornings will soon be a little crisper (with a bit of this creeping in already), the afternoons a lot busier and the evenings much darker! Much like all things 2020, this season is geared to look a little… well, different.

Brace yourselves dear frosh friends, high schoolers and kinder-kiddies, if the return to school talks have been any indication of what’s ahead, you’re in for a healthy dose of expect the unexpected!

Le sigh, to the yesteryears of contact sports, semi-formals, and study halls. Move over pep-rallies, recess and extra-curriculars; Covid is the captain now and there’s a lot that’s changing on this ship! If you’ve been blissfully enjoying some fun in the sun, here’s a summary of the return-to-school plans that you've missed. Everyone’s doing their own thing! From various adaptations and modifications, to reduced class sizes and physical distancing; to mask policies and to scrapping it all together for virtual. So, whether you’re experiencing delayed starts or staggered classes, there will be a little more distance, a lot more facial accessories and a new way forward.

With all the adjustments and ongoing changes, we can’t imagine that back to school prep has been all that smooth either. So much is falling on you, from changes in orientation schedules to juggling child-care to figuring out at-home learning options. Luckily, you're not alone. Let your local plug lend a neighborly hand and help you get your school year off to a blackity-great start! Whether you’re looking to connect to your fellow Afro-freshpeople (it's a word now) or want this year's swag to look a little more Afrocentric, we’ve got just the right list of essentials for you!

Our Top 5 Black-to-School Essentials:


Our first essential will get you all geared up and totally swagged out! From backpacks to notebooks and from puzzles to dolls, Kids Swag has got you covered for products that represent YOU. Start your year with a little self-love and a whole lot of confidence!


If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the regular old her/his-story class just won’t cut it anymore. Good thing Knowledge Bookstore has you covered with an array of Afrikan-centred books and more! This dope space also serves as a community connect for parents, writers, poets, artists and the Black community.


Do you often dream of developing the next big social media network, creative app or video communication platform? Well, this is where dreams are materialized. Black Boys Code is geared to inspire a generation of young Black kids and men to take control of their future and become tomorrow’s digital creators and technological innovators.


For all our parents out there who did a trying stint at ‘teacher’ in the spring, you will appreciate this essential. Let Capture the Star Education Centre take care of all your tutoring needs from pre-K to grade 12. They offer all you need from french immersion to one-on-one to group sessions to exam prep and more. Consider yourself blissfully retired!


Frosh and orientation week was bound to look a little different this year. But connecting to the black student body was a non-negotiable for the creators of The Melanin Block. Turns out the overwhelming move to all things virtual has actually ignited the expansion of your local Black student association into a national network! So, log on, network and socialize with your fellow Black-mates!

Bonus Essential:

A list would not be complete without including our professionals! For you, the end of summer has always marked the transition from vacation mode to back-to-business. And this Fall season may soon mean the switch from virtual to reality for those of you who have been working from home since the pandemic pause.

Soon you’ll have to ditch those summer duds and couch comfies for something with a little less drawstring and a bit more buttons.

Even if it means business as usual for some time to come, there is no better time than a change of season to reassess and refocus your wardrobe. Here’s where our bonus essential comes into play:


This essential is the confidence-booster you never knew you needed. Let the expert stylists at Dapper Style Mint (DSM) treat your wardrobe to a style refresh, elevate your brand with a creative style direction or get things in order with a closet organization. Let DSM help your style game so you can return to your office with confidence!

Did you hear that? It was your ancestors chanting with joy over all your new Fall melanated essentials! Hope you've enjoyed our covid-friendly, black-owned fall season essentials.

What’s on your Black-to-School Essentials list? We want to hear from you! Share and tag us on the socials with some of your fave and must-have Black-to-School essential!

-Your ASC Connect

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