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It's The Most Wonderful Time... To Give Back!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and no amount of Corona bah-humbug blues can take away the spirit of the holidays. We gleefully welcome this special time to spend with those closest and dearest to us, a time to reflect on the past year as we look forward to what is ahead. Whether it’s family, faith, festivities, or food that you look forward to the most; there’s usually something this time of the year invokes that suddenly brings joy to the grinch in us all.

So, deck the halls, bring on the cheesy holiday entertainment, the hallelujah, the dreidel, the red-nosed reindeer, the falling white stuff (for garnish only), the hot chocolate (preferably spiked), the baby, and the manger. And just like that, it’s beginning to look a lot like the return of our comfort and joy.

It would be remiss of us to speak of the holidays and overlook a central part of this joyful time - gift giving! Whether you’re all shopped out, wrapped up, and ready for the season, or are the final-hour-amazing-race type shopper, we’ve got one more item to add to your list - a gift that gives back. In case you missed it, the biggest global movement for giving and volunteering, GivingTuesday, just passed.

Fortunately, Giving Tuesday is more than a day of giving back; but more appropriately, it’s the opening day of the giving season.

Well, joy to the world indeed! As we reflect, we can’t help but notice all the ways you’ve already given back this year. You have been engaging in meaningful work all through 2020 by raising much awareness and raising funds for deserving and impactful movements. No wonder you’re on top of the nice list!

So what is a gift that gives back you may ask? Well, our dear philanthropic shepherd, we’ll let the experts of gift-giving themselves be your guiding star. Take heed to the ways of the three wise Kings who spent time in travel, donated fine goods, and gave gold. So follow suit in your giving ventures.

If all you’ve got is time, spend it well and volunteer. With Rona wild and free, this may not be an option for all (or during lockdown times), but the same charities that needed you last year will likely need you, even more, this year. So, if you are able, volunteer your time to a shelter, food bank, animal shelter, or organization to lend a helping hand during this much needed time.

If you spent all of your lockdown days purging and re-purging your home what better way to give back than to donate. From lightly used clothing, new toys to non-perishable food items, your local shelter or accepting organization need all of us to pitch in.

And what if you have no time, are purged out, and have done nothing this year but bank all of your dolla dolla billz ya’ll? Well then, consider us your best friend! Sorry, sorry, the grinch in us got too green. You, our blessed friend, can be a blessing to others by giving gold. This can be through a direct monetary donation to your favorite charity, by buying gifts at stores that have a donation program or through various holiday initiatives such as The Feast.

You’re on a roll, might as well get the whole family, the crew and Zoom call involved in the blessing that is being able to give back. A great way to do this is through your local Adopt-a-Family program. Oh my, so many wonderful ways to spread holiday cheer. We encourage you to do one small act or go all out. Really, it’s about letting your creativity and heart shine and do what moves your giving spirit.

We know what you’re thinking now, Hark! the herald angels sing, there are so many ideas, where does one begin? Well, just jingle all the way to Support Black Charities to get started. Support Black Charities is an online portal that connects charities to supporters in the black community. They make it easier for you to find causes close to home and “back home” that you believe in, encouraging you to “give black” to support the communities you belong to or those you identify with. They are continuing to build their directory so if you know of, or are a charity in the black community, connect with them and complete your December deed just like that!

Here are some of our favorite charities through the years:

brAIDS for AIDS International

HarryCares Foundation


What are your go-to Black charities? Send us a message and we’d love to highlight your faves all month long.

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, or Festivus — we hope you have a Happy Holiday and Joyous New Year!

-Your ASC Connect