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New Year... better you!

Hello 2021 and a Happy New Year to you all! We want to start off the year by thanking you!

Thank you to our loyal readers and community. You are why we are so dedicated to enter yet another hopeful year where we can share Black events, promote Black-owed businesses and amplify Black voices!

Speaking of Black voices, we are so excited to have our first guest blogger of the year from @liftwellwithnneka. We know health and wellness are typically top of everyone’s mind at the start of the year. Whether it’s the hope of a fresh start that motivates new year's resolutions or the holiday indulgences that crave some balance, we thought this would be a good focus for our first post of the year. The brains behind @liftwellwithnneka is none other than our very own Nneka. A powerhouse extraordinaire, who is not only part of the ASC team but a pharmacist, fitness enthusiast, and competitive bodybuilder. So when it comes to health and wellness- she’s an all around expert!

Here she shares her thoughts on new year's health and wellness resolutions with smart goal setting strategies!

New Year, New You! Better You!

Although this is a common time of year for you to set new year's resolutions and goals, I am going against the grain by putting out the idea of not setting goals. Breathe and hear me out!

There's nothing wrong with having goals; I believe there's always room for improvement in life and setting goals has many positive aspects; however, its been shown that many resolutions fizzle after the first few weeks/months of the year leaving feelings of failure, guilt, self-doubt and many negative emotions not conducive to living your best life!

A study by Scranton University found that only 19% of people keep their resolutions after two years.

Consider approaching 2021 free of the pressures of resolutions by being open to opportunities, cultivating confidence in your capabilities, and giving yourself grace for any potential setbacks. Instead of setting resolutions because everyone is doing it - hello societal norms, or because you feel others expect it of you. It's time to embrace who you are, trust your intuition, be willing to step out of your comfort zone, being open to change while working on becoming a better version of yourself.

All of this sounds great but the concept of a resolution-free year is easier said than done so consider a different way to approach jump-starting the new year to increase your likelihood of success by taking these steps:

  1. Set S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable/attainable, realistic, timely) goals. Steer away from ambiguous goals and create an actual plan for success.

  2. Set intentions that are truly important to you. Having an emotional connection or a deep passion for the goal will help develop your "why" of having the goal. Use your "why" as fuel to help push you through when motivation is low and helps give you a boost when times get tough.

  3. Don’t take on too much too quickly (focus on one thing at a time). Taking on too much can be overwhelming, stressful, and increases the likelihood of failure. Don’t spread yourself too thin!

  4. Take small steps that lead to achieving the larger goal. Progress, not perfection! Old habits weren’t developed overnight so neither will changing these habits. Start small and take incremental steps that will lead you down the path to achieving your larger goal.

  5. Establish a support system or accountability partner. This is key to help you stay motivated and can also make it fun!

  6. Develop an attitude of learning and evaluation. If you experience a setback or relapse into an old habit you're trying to kick, don't throw in the towel. View it as a learning opportunity and learn from the challenges you face so you're better prepared for any future occurrences. Expect setbacks! This will be a process and you’ll have ups and downs. Lean on your support system during this time to help overcome any challenges you may face. Remember if the plan fails, change the plan not the goal!

  7. Celebrate your progress and all small wins along your journey. Focus on the positives, not the negatives. This will help keep your motivation high and the momentum going.

- @liftwellwithnneka

Now that is some sound advice and helpful tips. Thanks again for taking some time to help us get aligned and focused on the possibilities of a new year. And whether you’re looking to ease into your better you year pressure-free, or like the goal-setting approach, make sure to check out our directory for more educational and inspiring fitness pages. You can also find Black-owned/operated motivational groups, fitness facilities, life coaches, workout apparel and certified trainers to help you start and stay focused on your personal wellness goals.

If anything, we encourage you to make the most of this winter season by continuing to think of creative ways to connect with your community, getting outside for some regular fresh air and taking care of your overall mind and body!

Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right.” — Oprah Winfrey

-Your ASC Connect