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Spring Forward with Ceecee: A Pandemic-Friendly Style Guide.

We’re not quite sure if it’s ever safe to say winter is behind us because it keeps coming back. Right now though, spring is surely ahead and that's what matters and in that spirit, we can’t help but look forward to long days of sunshine, BBQs, patios and of course, fashion!

Speaking of fashion, we are fortunate to have none other than expert stylist Ceecee Chilanga from Dapper Style Mint (DSM) lend her skills and expert eye to get us spring ready for the coming bloom. If you’re looking for receipts, DSM is a Styling Agency founded by Chanda ‘Ceecee Styles’ Chilanga back in 2014 - sis has been here from time! DSM aims to make personal styling accessible while striving to inspire conscious fashion consumption. Their mission is to ignite confidence in their clients and this is the energy we can get behind!

Ceecee was recently on The Marilyn Denis Show talking all things outdoor style and has shared her top tips with us. She shares styles that hopefully inspire you to, "explore the outdoors beyond grocery shopping and maybe transition from sweats to giving your other clothes the time of day." Ceecee shares #DSMStyleTips that are mindful of our Canadian spring that is unpredictable at best with a bright sun that can be deceiving.

Her first tip, be wary of the erratic weather and to give consideration by easing into the outdoor life that may still be on the chillier side. She shares that the secret to keeping ahead of the fickle weather this spring is Layers!

Ceecee shares that, "layers are key and preparation for the occasional rain or drop in temperature is a priority." She goes on to share three areas of outdoor life that can be made stylish with comfort in mind.

1. Outdoor Workout

"The Outdoor Workout is an occasion (or an excuse) to look good whilst benefiting from the positive impact of 30 minutes of daily movement." says Ceecee, "The key to comfort here is balancing warmth while avoiding overheating." The solution being, you guessed it, layering! And in the spirit of multi-functionality, Ceecee suggests pieces that can work for outdoor movement and are stylish enough to incorporate into every day wear. For this look, we took note of pieces that were water repellent, machine washable, breathable, and comfortable! But wait, there is more. Ceecee reminded us that even in activity, one must not forget to accessorize. Smart accessorizing includes all things sun protection- sunscreen, cap, sunglasses, and crossbody bag for all your compact, yet practical, needs.

All this activity has us parched and Ceecee has you sitting and sipping pretty in the next set of hot tips that will have you park date ready

2. Park Date

The park date has become the brunch date of the pandemic life. It is the official pandemic-friendly bubble where you can safely meet with friends and get some fresh air. The practical style advice continues here as, “creating a great look means ensuring it works for the activity it’s centered around. On a park date, you are probably going to be outdoors for a while. You will want to think about sun protection (as mentioned before), a possible drop in temperature, and of course, balancing all this while looking chic” shares Ceecee. When dressing up, the key is to keep it loose-fitting for sitting on the grass or bench. And extra points if you incorporate the spring colors of mint, yellow, or rust. To add even more personality to our activities, you best believe we will be accessorizing here. Ceecee shares tips to elevate your look with subtle jewelry, chic sunglasses, and leveling up with some hydrating lipstick. The luxury of the great outdoors is that you have plenty of room to distance and show off that statement lip. We can’t forget about the snacks and nibbles which can be carried in a durable yet chic backpack. Finishing the look with a large scarf that is multifunctional as a wrap-around for warmth and can double as a picnic blanket- keeping you prepared in any situation. With all this park lounging, Ceecee shares that the shoes are all about finesse here with encouragement to be creative with fun shoes to show off and show out!

3. Date Night

With the return of patios and longer days, dates are making a comeback! As it’s been a while since we’ve ventured out, easing into the date night style seems to be the best bet. Ceecee encourages play with fabrics while keeping the theme of comfort and chic at the center. She uses denim and leather to add personality to a buttercream monochromatic look with, you guessed it, layers being the ongoing spring theme. Date night could end with a midnight stroll so extra layers are key for that breezy drop in temp. Ceecee shares that denim and trench are your best bet to keep your extra warmth on-trend. And, of course, the multifunctional scarf is a must for this look as well. To finish off the look, Ceecee gives us a needed break here by sharing that “easing back to heels after being home pretty much all year and living in house slippers is going to be hard” and recommends a classic fashion sneaker that can accommodate all of your spring looks. It's truly the comfort for us, so perhaps not all trends have left us from the pandemic life.

These tips were just what our fairy godmother ordered to spring forward our cinder looks complete with Ceecee's Black-owned brand picks to achieve these looks

Want to catch this style segment or one of the many appearances on shows like CTV’s Your Morning and CHCH Morning Live? Catch Ceecee and the DSM team here.

We don’t know about ya’ll but this advice left us wanting more. Luckily, DSM has a range of services that begin with a complimentary style consultation. With a commitment to their clients, DSM offers a variety of services including 360 Full Style Makeover, Wardrobe Refresh, Special Event Styling, Creative Styling, Professional Closet Organizing, and Style on Speed Dial. After a full year of pandemic fashion (if sweats count), we can’t wait to take advantage of the 360 Full Style - what about you? Share your favorite spring style tip or DSM service you're signing up with on our socials with hashtag #DapperStyleMint and see you on the outside!

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